2020 Conference Programs

Combo Session: #assessment #action
Thursday, 12/Nov/2020:
1:00pm - 1:45pm

Session Chair: Dan Noonan, The Ohio State University Libraries
Session Chair: Krista Oldham, Clemson University
Location: Track 1

Aviary video link (must be registered and logged in to view): https://2020clirevents.aviaryplatform.com/r/dv1cj8830x


Updates to the NARA Digital Preservation Framework

Elizabeth England, Leslie Johnston

US National Archives and Records Administration, United States of America

Brief Abstract

In Fall 2019, NARA released a draft of its Digital Preservation Framework for public comment. We’ll discuss the past year’s work and what’s next as our holdings continue to grow. We hope by sharing about the framework and soliciting feedback, it will serve as a digital preservation community resource.

DiAGRAM - The Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model: Rethinking Practice By Quantifying Digital Preservation Risks

David Underdown, Hannah Merwood, Alex Green

The National Archives (United Kingdom), United Kingdom

Brief Abstract

DiAGRAM is a decision support system, developed by The National Archives, the Applied Statistics & Risk Unit, and partner archives. It is based on a probabilistic graphical model that captures the complex interdependencies of risk events and allows archivists to quantitatively evaluate their impact and compare potential risk management strategies.

Passing the Puck: Taking National Action on Digital Preservation in Canada

Grant Hurley1, Corey Davis2,3

1Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries; 2University of Victoria Libraries; 3Canadian Association of Research Libraries

Brief Abstract

How are Canadians making active plays towards digital preservation? We will present the results of the CARL Digital Preservation Working Group survey of Canadian memory institutions, and the subsequent development of three focus areas to address key gaps in their ability to safely pass digital collections into the future.