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Author(s) Organization(s) Session
Abéla, CarolineUniversité de BordeauxDigital Humanities Theory and Methodology
Abgaz, YalemisewDublin City University, Adapt Centre, IrelandLanguage, Languages
Adelmann, BenediktUniversität Hamburg, GermanyCultures, Literatures and Texts
Agostini-Marchese, EnricoCanada Research Chair in digital textualities, CanadaCultures Literatures and Texts
Agt-Rickauer, HenningHasso-Plattner-Intitute, University of Potsdam, GermanyTools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Aida, AikoNational Museum of Japanese History, Ritsumeikan University, JapanPoster Session  Presenter
Aida, ToshiakiOkayama University, JapanPoster Session
Aitken, BrianUniversity of Glasgow, United KingdomLanguage, Languages
Akdag Salah, Alkim AlmilaUtrecht University, Netherlands, TheSociety, Media, Politics, Engagement  Presenter
Alassi, SepidehUniversity of Basel, SwitzerlandCultures Literatures and Texts
Tools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Alex, BeatriceUniversity of EdinburghScholarly Communities, Communication, Pedagogy  Presenter
Alexander, AnneUniversity of CambridgeScholarly Communities, Communication, Pedagogy  Presenter
Alexander, Eric CarlsonCarleton College, United States of AmericaPoster Session  Presenter
Alexander, MarcUniversity of Glasgow, United KingdomLanguage, Languages
Alexandre, RenaudIRHT (CNRS), FranceHistory and Historiographies
Algee-Hewitt, MarkStanford University, United States of AmericaCultures Literatures and Texts  Presenter
Cultures, Literatures and Texts
Alshanqiti, Ahmed MohammedUniversity of Glasgow, United KingdomCultural Heritage, Art/ifacts and Institutions  Presenter
Ameka, FelixLeiden University Centre for Linguistics, The NetherlandsLanguage, Languages  Presenter
Amendola, CristianoUniversità della Basilicata, ItalyPoster Session  Presenter
Anderson, Carrie J.Middlebury College, United States of AmericaHistory and Historiographies  Presenter
Anderson, Clifford B.Vanderbilt University, United States of AmericaScholarly Communities, Communication, Pedagogy  Presenter
Anderson, DeborahUniversity of California at BerkeleyCultural Heritage, Art/ifacts and Institutions  Presenter
Andreas, KuczeraDigitale Akademie der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur MainzDigital Humanities Theory and Methodology
Andreini, GiulioNet7, ItalyPoster Session  Presenter
Andresen, MelanieUniversität Hamburg, GermanyCultures, Literatures and Texts  Presenter
Andrews, Tara LeeDigital Humanities, Institute for History, University of Vienna;
Universität Wien, Austria
Digital Humanities Theory and Methodology
Cultures, Literatures and Texts  Presenter
Andrist, PatrickLudwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany;
Université de Fribourg, Switzerland
Tools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Antonietti, LauraUniversité Grenoble Alpes, FranceCultures, Literatures and Texts  Presenter
Antonini, AlessioThe Open UniversityScholarly Communities, Communication, Pedagogy
Applegate, MattMolloy College, United States of AmericaPoster Session  Presenter
Space Territory GeoHumanities  Presenter
Arbuckle, AlyssaUniversity of Victoria, CanadaTools Interfaces and Infrastructures
Ares Oliveira, SofiaEPFL, SwitzerlandTools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Arın, İnançSabanci University, TurkeyPoster Session
Armoza, JonathanNew York University, United StatesDigital Humanities Theory and Methodology  Presenter
Arneil, StewartUniversity of Victoria, CanadaTools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Tools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Arnold, Taylor BaillieUniversity of Richmond, United States of AmericaCultural Heritage, Art/ifacts and Institutions  Presenter
Poster Session  Presenter
Arps, BernardLeiden University, The NetherlandsTools Interfaces and Infrastructures  Presenter
Arthur, PaulEdith Cowan University, AustraliaDigital Humanities Theory and Methodology  Presenter
Ashkpour, AshkanInternational Institute for Social History, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and SciencesDigital Humanities Theory and Methodology
Asvesta, AlikiGennadeius Library, American School of Classical Studies, at Athens, GreecePoster Session
Atanassova, Rossitza IlievaThe British Library, United KingdomCultural Heritage, Art/ifacts and Institutions  Presenter
Atayan, TatevikUniversität Wien, AustriaCultures, Literatures and Texts
Atta, AhmadGovernment Zamindar Post Graduate College, PakistanPoster Session
Aucott, PaulaUniversity of Portsmouth, United KingdomSpace Territory GeoHumanities
Avila Vissirini, BarbaraUniversity of Applied Sciences Potsdam, GermanyCultural Heritage, Art/ifacts and Institutions