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Session Overview
P-06: Space Territory GeoHumanities
Wednesday, 10/Jul/2019:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Patricia Murrieta-Flores
Location: Grote Zaal
1250 pax


Complex Space-Time

Alex Butterworth1, Simon Wibberley1, Duncan Hay7, Eirini Goudarouli4, Johannes Liem3, Steven Hischorn4, Jo Wood3, Charles Perin5, Claartje Rasterhoff2, Weixuan Li8, Charles van den Heuvel8, Duncan Speakman6

1Univerisity of Sussex, United Kingdom; 2University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; 3City University of London, United Kingdom; 4The National Archives, United Kingdom; 5University of Victoria, Canada; 6University of the West of England, United Kingdom; 7University of Lancaster, United Kingdom; 8Huygens Institute, Amsterdam

A panel of six short papers presenting tightly focused accounts offering prismatic perspectives on the theme of complex time-space. The research encompasses historical and literary scholarship, critical artistic and design practice, and information science consistently asking how space-time defines and is defined by human experiences: of pleasure and trauma, creativity and crime, security and insecurity; and how it is represented in textual, graphical, audiovisual and extended reality forms. The papers address questions of mobility, place-making, displacement and co-presence, as sites of complex space-time relations, in every century from the seventeenth to the present. The panel is intended to generate discussion around how organising concepts and frameworks from one approach - chronotopes, dimensionality reduction, thick-mapping, fuzziness and spatial syntax - may prove unexpectedly applicable across conventional boundaries, and how these may be productively mediated by new of existing digital tools and techniques.