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Session Overview
LP-01: Cultural Heritage, Art/ifacts and Institutions
Wednesday, 10/Jul/2019:
9:00am - 10:30am

Session Chair: Dirk Van Hulle
Location: Uitloopfoyer
50 pax


I-Media-Cities: A Digital Ecosystem Enriching A Searchable Treasure Trove Of Audio Visual Assets

Gabriella Scipione, Antonella Guidazzoli, Silvano Imboden, Giuseppe Trotta, Margherita Montanari, Maria Chiara Liguori, Simona Caraceni

Cineca, Italy

Cultural heritage and museum institutions across Europe are progressively holding vast digital collections – either digitized or born digital – that can significantly affect many research fields, both in Social Sciences and Humanities.

The I-Media-Cities platform is an interactive ecosystem aiming to share, provide access to and use 9 European film archives AV digital contents to allow multidisciplinary research by means of manual and automatic annotations.

This contribution describes the approach and the actions taken in order to perform an effective design and implementation for the visual interfaces required by the project in order to foster the User Experiences for different audiences, such as researchers and citizens.

More Than Just CG: Storytelling And Mixed Techniques In An Educational Short Movie

Antonella Guidazzoli, Giovanni Bellavia, Daniele De Luca, Francesca Delli Ponti, Federica Farroni, Maria Chiara Liguori, Beatrice Chiavarini, Silvano Imboden

Cineca, Italy

Il piccolo Masaccio e le Terre Nuove is a short animated Computer Graphics educational movie explaining the origins and history of San Giovanni Valdarno, a city of foundation. Set in 1409, its main characters are a young Masaccio - the painter - and the Vicar, city governor of the time, who explains to Masaccio and to the public the birth and creation of the city, based on the rational rules that have informed its development.

The video has been developed with manyfold techniques: procedural modelling and real watercolours; photogrammetry; crowd, cloth and particle simulations and a varied vegetation library without overshadowing storytelling and characters credibility.

The short movie aims primarily at the younger audience of the museum of San Giovanni Valdarno, keeping, at the same time, a high level of scientific and historical accuracy.

An effort able to produce a wealth of reusable 3D assets for a future crossmedia exploitment.

Visualizing Networks of Artistic Ideas in History Paintings in the Seventeenth-Century Netherlands

Weixuan Li

University of Amsterdam/Huygens ING

This research conceptualizes and visualizes art historical networks of ideas inscribed in iconography through Network Analysis. The research focuses on history paintings created in the Low Countries between 1575-1700, combining key digital resources on Netherlandish paintings. By placing the works of art at the center of the network analysis, the research bridges art historical research favoring both quantitative and qualitative approaches and revealing the changes in the structures of artistic interactions and the diffusion patterns of subject matters within the artist community in different cities.