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Session Overview
P-11: Society, Media, Politics, Engagement
Wednesday, 10/Jul/2019:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Chair: Amelia Sanz
Location: Pandora Zaal
250 pax


Twining Digital Humanities and Humanidades Digitales: A set of actual experiences from the South

Amelia Sanz1, Domenico Fiormonte2, Teresa Numerico2, Ernesto Priego3, Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega4, Eugenia Siapera5

1Complutense University, Spain; 2Universita Roma Tre, Italy; 3University of London, UK; 4Universidad de Málaga, Spain; 5School of Communications, DCU, Ireland

In a post-digital era, when the digital is taken for granted in Western (and technified) cultures, it is time to ask ourselves why a lot of scholars remain suspicious about DH in the Southern countries.In out panel, a team of experienced scholars coming from Greece, Spain, Italy and Mexico, working together in a project such as "Social Sciences and Humanities from the South", will present actual experiences on the ground and from their own epistemological traditions dealing with research on their digital disciplinary field in Southern countries, even upstream (teaching) and downstream (publishing): technical and epistemological deficiencies and benefits of some tools and codes; examples of DH programs and examples of publishing formulas. Our goal is to show that “Humanidades Digitales” does not mean exactly and cannot mean “Digital Humanities”. Moreover, it is a matter of facts: HD are developing without DH. We should be ready for this “big bang”.