Conference Agenda

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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 16/Jul/2019
7:30am - 5:00pmRegistration
8:30am - 9:00amOpening
9:00am - 9:30amKeynote 1: Keynote 1
Session Chair: Zhuoxiang Ren
Session Chair: David Lowther
9:30am - 10:30amOA1: Static and quasi-static fields
Session Chair: Zhuoxiang Ren
Session Chair: David Lowther
10:30am - 10:50amCoffee break
10:50am - 12:40pmPA-M1: Novel Computational Methods for Machines and Devices
Session Chair: Claude Marchand
Session Chair: Nicolas Galopin
Patio 44-55 
10:50am - 12:40pmPA-M2: Material Modelling, Multi-Scale Modelling and Homogenization
Session Chair: Katsumi Yamazaki
Session Chair: Floran Martin
Patio 44-55 
10:50am - 12:40pmPA-M3: Optimization and Design
Session Chair: Junwei Lu
Session Chair: Stephane Brisset
Patio 44-55 
10:50am - 12:40pmPA-M4: Wave propagation
Session Chair: Junwu Tao
Session Chair: Christos Antonopoulos
Patio 44-55 
12:40pm - 2:20pmLunch
2:20pm - 4:10pmPA-A1: Education, Electromagnetic Sensors, Sensing and Metrology
Session Chair: Hakeim Talleb
Session Chair: Luca Di Rienzo
Patio 44-55 
2:20pm - 4:10pmPA-A2: Multi-Physics and Coupled Problems
Session Chair: Xavier Mininger
Session Chair: Yanhui Gao
Patio 44-55 
2:20pm - 4:10pmPA-A3: Numerical Techniques
Session Chair: Thomas Henneron
Session Chair: Ruben Specogna
Patio 44-55 
2:20pm - 4:10pmPA-A4: Optimization and Design
Session Chair: Anouar Belahcen
Session Chair: Abdelmounaïm Tounzi
Patio 44-55 
2:20pm - 4:10pmPA-A5: Static and Quasi-Static Fields
Session Chair: Johan Gyselinck
Session Chair: Riccardo Scorretti
Patio 44-55 
4:10pm - 4:30pmCoffee break
4:30pm - 6:10pmOA2: Mathematical modelling and formulations
Session Chair: Jan Sykulski
Session Chair: Stephane Clenet